Our Company

“Optimization of time, quality and speed is our commitment to you and your projects”

MAREPROGROUP SRL, (Maintenance, repairs and projects SRL) is a company formed by a group of highly trained and with over 20 years of experience in project development professionals.

We arrived at the market to provide services and / or personnel in the areas of repair and maintenance of Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Diesel Engines Generation, Boilers, Cooling Towers, Condensers, Heat Pumps, Instrumentation and Power Pumps and Compressors Installation of Flat and Tubular Conveyor, sanblasting and all activity related to the Industrial and Energy.

We have a group of professionals specialized in the air above, Dominicans, mostly, whose main goal is to provide solutions to all kinds of Industrial Energy sector in both project development and implementation and subsequent maintenance; We have a trained staff, which has been carefully selected to meet any need that may arise, as well as having extensive experience in maintenance of gas turbines and steam in the different types of maintenance to be run at the same such as (Hot Inspection, Hot Gas Path and Overhaul).

Highly trained in:

  • Mechanical gas turbine and steam
  • Mechanics diesel engines and power generation
  • Instrumentalists and assistant general
  • High pressure welders, arc argoners
  • Refrigeration technicians, fitters, insulators and samblaster
  • Civil engineers, plumbers, cleaners and others

Companies and countries where we have been:

  • Old Harbour Power Plant ( Steam Turbine Overhaul ) in JAMAICA
  • Bogue Station Power Plant ( Hot Inspection Gas Turbine ) in JAMAICA
  • Central Electric Thermo Hunts Bay ( Overhaul of Gas Turbine ) in COSTA RICA
  • Aqualectra Power Plant ( Gas Turbine Overhaul ) in Curacao
  • Moin Central Electric Thermo ( Overhaul of Gas Turbine ) in COSTA RICA
  • Bahia Las Minas Power Plant ( Steam Turbine Overhaul ) Prov COLON, PANAMA
  • Tamasunchales Thermal Plant ( Steam Turbine Major Maintenance ) TAMAULIPAS MEXICO
  • Power Plant Tampico ( Steam Turbine Major Maintenance ) TAMAULIPAS MEXICO